2021 Tournament Event News Feed

NY State's Largest Winter Fishing Tournament!!

​This year's event will be run on the Fish Donkey platform
whereby all fish entered will be done so using the Fish Donkey App
with fish placing via length rather than weight.

**All anglers must use a manufactured bump board large
enough for the fish targeted. No homemade boards
may be used nor any tape measures.**

This format has many advantages:
1) After entry, all fish can be either kept or released at the 
angler's discretion.
2) Anglers do not have to stop fishing to make it to a weigh-in
before they close and can capitalize on the  night bite. Plus
no extra driving.
3) Fish are entered and the leaderboards updated in real time
so anglers can see where everyone is placed at any time.
4) Since fish are entered on-site at the time of the catch, 
opportunities for foul play are minimized.
5) The required pictures capture additional information
to help verify the catch including time, date, 
gps coords, etc. and are encoded so that even the
director won't receive the info unless necessary.
6) Less expenses means higher payouts for the winners.

NYS Winter Classic
Fishing Tournament
Professionally organized and directed by anglers, for anglers!
2021 Tournament Event: January 1 - February 28
(Includes all waterways of NY state - ice, open water, stream & rivers, etc.)
This year's event is sponsored by:
Tournament Structure:

Fish any NY State waterway, any time of day from January 1st through February 28th using any legal angling method (open water, ice fishing, stream & river fishing, etc.) for 7 categories of fish.

Only $25/Angler

Download & Print the 2021 Tourney Flier Here: