NYS Winter Classic
Fishing Tournament
Professionally organized and directed by anglers, for anglers!
2018 Tournament Event: January 1 - February 28
(Includes all waterways of NY state - ice, open water, stream & rivers, etc.)
Meet the Director:

March 25, 3pm: Grand Prize Award Presentation @ Hometown Bait & Tackle
March 25, 5:30pm: Case Canoe Award Presentation @ Oneida Shores Boat Launch
Current Lunker Pool 
= $2800
Current # of Anglers: 
2017 Tournament Event News Feed

NY State's Largest Winter Fishing Tournament!!

**Just a reminder that the awards ceremony banquet has been canceled - we will be
scheduling small awards ceremonies for the winner of the Case Canoe
and the $2500 Clam Outdoors Grand Prize.**

**​**Tournament Completion**
Tonight we would like to announce and congratulate all of the winners for this year's NYS Winter Classic Tournament Event:
Overall Pike: Tyler Seamon - 21.51 lbs - $2,500 GRAND PRIZE WINNER
Overall Trout: Lynn Thomson - 21.85 lbs
Overall Walleye: Thomas Carney - 14.60 lbs 
Overall Pickerel: Scott Castor - 7.30 lbs
Overall Crappie: Parker Umbra - 2.30 lbs - FREE FISH MOUNT WINNER
Overall Perch: Steve LaBarr - 2.38 lbs
Overall Panfish: Steve Ball - 1.09 lbs

Overall Largest Fish (winner of the Case Canoe Package):
Lynn Thomson - 21.85 lb Lake Trout

Overall Largest Steelhead (winner of the Steve Nielsen Art - Metal & Airbrush Artist Piece):
Jay Mahar - 16.00 lbs

Overall Largest Panfish Species (winners of Aqua-Vu Cameras):
Crappie: Parker Umbra - 2.30 lbs
Perch: Steve LaBarr - 2.38 lbs
Panfish: Steve Ball - 1.09 lbs

Overall Largest Fish Caught by a Female Angler (winner of the Arctic Armor Lift Suit):
Jessie Rogers - 13.93 lb Pike

Overall Largest Fish Caught on an Automatic Fisherman Set:
$250 Large Species: Aaron LaFlair - 9.90 lb Walleye
$250 Small Species: Kevin Riley - 2.24 lb Crappie

Overall Largest Fish Caught using a Makiplastic bait:
$100 January: John Tice - 1.95 lb Crappie
$100 February: Kevin Riley - 2.10 lb Crappie

Overall Largest Fish Caught using Hydro Glow Fishing Lights:
$100 January: Tracy Delong - 0.65 lb Crappie
$100 February: Kevin Riley - 2.10 lb Crappie

Overall Largest Fish Caught using Boss Spoons:
20-Spoon Pack: Kevin Riley - 1.41 lb Crappie

Week 8 Division Winners:
Pike: Alex Sharrow - 14.57 lbs
Trout: Jake Savage - 20.70 lbs
Walleye: Thomas Carney - 14.60 lbs
Pickerel: Scott Castor - 5.90 lbs
Crappie: Kevin Riley - 2.10 lbs
Perch: Steve LaBarr - 2.38 lbs
Panfish: Jesse Horning - 0.68 lbs

Over the next couple days we will be drawing for and posting the winners of the shanties at all 58 locations (located on the Shanty Promo page) and the door prizes (listed at the bottom of the Weekly Leader Board page). 
If you have not done so yet, check out all of the amazing pictures we have received of the fish caught this season from all across the state in the event photo gallery!! This event is definitely highlighting and showing the world what an amazing, world-class fishery we have here in NY State!! 

From all of us here at headquarters, we would like to thank all of our generous sponsors for all of their support, as many of the prize packages would not be possible without them!! Special recognition goes out to our $2,500 Grand Prize Sponsor: Clam Outdoors, along with the other Headlining Sponsors: Frabill, Plano Synergy, Case Canoe, Brite-Strike, and Automatic Fisherman. Their support was paramount for the growth we saw in this year's event! Also, a huge thank you goes out to all of our weigh-in locations this year - this event simply would not be possible without their help, support, and dedication to the event. We'd also like to thank all of the media outlets that helped spread word of the event and that broadcast updates over the last two months - in particular Let's Catch Fish, Outdoor Beat, NYoutdoortalk.com, and Lake Ontario Outdoors, Adirondack Outdoors, and Frank Geremski at the Angler Magazine. Lastly, and certainly not least, we would like to thank all of the anglers who participated this year making the event a huge success!! We have heard countless stories, fish lost, friendships made, new waters tried and conquered, and an overall sense of fun in the outdoors throughout the competition which is what this is all about!! Thank you all and look for upcoming announcements for not only next year's event, but the creation of a Summer Classic event later this year!! Details to come - stay tuned!!
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