2021 Tournament Event News Feed

NY State's Only & Largest Statewide Summer Fishing Tournament!!

2021 Details Coming Soon!
NYS Summer Classic
Fishing Tournament
Professionally organized and directed by anglers, for anglers!
2021 Tournament Events: July 1 - August 31
(Includes all waterways of NY state)
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2021 All-In-One Small Species Event:
*Largemouth Bass *Smallmouth Bass 
*Yellow Perch *Crappie *Rock Bass 
*Panfish *Catfish
Entry: $25/Angler
2021 Lake Ontario Boat Event:
*Salmon & Trout - Best 5 Combined Stringer
Entry: $125/Boat
2021 All-In-One Large Species Event:
*Salmon *Lake Trout/Splake
*Brown Trout *Steelhead/Rainbows 
*Walleye *Northern Pike/Tiger Musky
*Land-Locked Salmon
Entry: $25/Angler