NYS Winter Classic Tournament
Rules & Regulations 
Updated on: 12/28/20

All registrants are encouraged to print a copy of the rules and read them in their entirety. Slight modifications may be made through November. Starting Dec. 1st any modifications will be listed here.

8. f. Addition of Protocol for fish longer than an anglers Board.
8. k. Note that Splake can be entered into the Trout Division.
8. l. Fish Donkey, the NYS Winter Classic, and all affiliates will not be liable for any 
  technical issues with regard to anglers' phones or any transmission issues including 
  but not limited to weak signals, loss of signal, etc.
8. g. Protocol for smallest walleye.
1. Dates: January 1 – February 28
2. Tournament Registration Options: 
  Full General Tournament = $25/angler 

**All anglers must register the day before they wish to start entering fish**

3. Cash payout based on number of anglers entered (see prize structure/payout grid on 
        website for full details, prize levels, and additional promotional awards). 
4. Additional prizes to be awarded (when available - see website for details):
    a. Grand Prize (when available): TBD
    b. Overall Prizes for largest fish caught on a specific product (picture or video may be 
         required) or during a specific time period.
    c. Monthly Prizes for overall largest fish (and/ or largest of a specific species category) 
        entered each month during the event)(when available).
    d. Weekly Cash Prizes and Awards: (when available)
                 1. Awarded to the largest fish leading in each category each week. 
                 2. Angler's can win more than one week in a row (i.e. no new leader entered).
    e. Fish Mounts & additional cash awards at higher attendance levels. Mounts may be 
        substituted with equivalent gift certificates (per sponsor allowance).
    f. Tournament Angler Achievement Awards (Pike over 42", Trout over 36", Walleye over 
        32", Pickerel over 34", Crappie over 16", Yellow Perch over 16", and Panfish over 12").
    g. Product specific awards - requires either a picture or video clearly showing the product 
        being used. Picture/video must be submitted on the same day the fish is entered.
5. No minimum or maximum age, all anglers are considered equal. Youth anglers (16 & 
        under) must have an adult to sign-off and fill out a w-9 form for any award valued at 
        $600 or greater.
6. Fish from other derbies and tournaments can be entered into the Classic pending 
        other Tournament’s rules and regulations.
7. Ceremony & Awards Dinner: (when available) In Mid-March following the conclusion of the 
        Winter Classic Event at Batavia Downs Casino:
        a. All first, second & third place winners in the Tournament must be present at Batavia 
            Downs by 5pm, else be disqualified. Leniency may be granted for 
            special circumstances per the tournament committee's discretion. 
        b. Door prizes will be drawn at various times from early registration through the awards 
           ceremony. Any prize won prior to the awards ceremony will be available for pick-up at 
            the awards ceremony, otherwise it will be up to the winner to arrange for pick-up. Any 
            door prizes won at ceremony must be taken that night by the winners. Any prizes 
            delivered to former weigh-in locations/tackle shops must be claimed within 30 days 
            of delivery else be forfeited and become property of that location. 
        c. When overnight accommodations are offered to the Top-3 anglers in each category, 
            each angler may only receive a maximum of one room, even if they placed in the 
            Top-3 of multiple categories. 
8. Main Categories: 7 (Trout (Lakers/Browns/Steelhead/Rainbows), Northern Pike, Walleye, 
    Pickerel, Yellow Perch, Crappie, Panfish (SunFish/BlueGill)).
        a. Enter any fish caught in New York State, any place, on any waterway (ice, 
            open water, rivers, tributaries, etc.) by legal angling methods per NYS DEC 
            regulations. Each fish entered must be registered by the angler who caught the 
            fish – no sharing between anglers. 
        b. Fish must be entered using the Fish Donkey App at the time of the catch (ideally 
            within 5 minutes of landing the fish). Fish must be fresh and cannot be frozen, no 
            freezer or ice marks. 
        c. Fish must be free from foreign objects: lures, hooks, and anything on/in it's mouth 
            or on its tail (bait, minnows, weeds, ice/snow, etc.).
        d. Fish must be measured using a manufactured bump board (no home-made boards, 
            no measuring tapes or stickers) and must be touching the 90 degree bend (fish can 
            be oriented with mouth open or closed as long as it touches the front of the board). 
            Tail can be pinched for maximum length. 
        e. Pictures used for fish measurement and verification must be clear: i.e. the full view of 
            the fish on the bump board must clearly show the head touching the front of the board 
            and the tail making the measurement with the numbers clearly visible. Pictures of the 
            fish should be taken directly overhead and not at an angle. Multiple pictures can be 
            submitted (and are encouraged) to ensure visibility and fish entry. 
            The following (4) pictures will be required for all fish entered:
                1) Whole fish on the bump board clearly showing the front of the fish touching the 
                    front of the board and the tail making the measurement (no foreign objects may 
                    be present on the head or tail that obstructs the verification of the measurement).
                2) Close-up of the entire head of the fish.
                3) Close-up of the entire tail.
                4) Angler holding the fish at the time of the catch.
            NOTE: If using a folding bump board, you must also submit one or more pictures 
                        showing that the board is laying perfectly flat with the fish on top during 
        f. Protocol for fish longer than an angler's bump board:
            If you catch a fish that is longer than your bump board, you must follow all steps of 
            this protocol for your fish to be eligible for entry:
                1) Enter the fish as you normally would in fish Donkey at the time of the catch 
                    taking the required pictures showing the full size of the fish and making sure to 
                    include clear pictures of the head and tail. Also take a best guess at the length 
                    when making your entry.
                2) Notify headquarters immediately after entry at (585) 330-0494 via text or call 
                    that you have caught and entered a fish that is longer than your bump board and 
                    that you will be taking it to a specific location with a tourney accepted longer 
                    board. You must specify the alternate location. 
                3) You will then have no more than 3 hours to get the fish to that location and 
                    submit a set of new pictures including a full length picture of the fish on the 
                    board, close-up of the head, close-up of the tail, and the angler with the fish at 
                    the alternate location. All pictures must be clearly visible and can be sent to 
                    (585) 330-0494 to verify the catch.
                4) After inspecting the pictures, verifying the fish and measurement, tournament 
                    headquarters will adjust the recorded length in Fish Donkey to the verified 
                5) Failure to follow this protocol will render the entry ineligible.
        g. Protocol for entering the Smallest Walleye:
                1) ​If the fish is large enough to place its nose on the zero end (90 degree bend) of 
                    your bump board and use its tail to make a measurement, then do the following: 
                    a) Place the fish on the board with its nose against the zero 90 degree bend and 
                        position the tail to acquire the shortest length. Take and submit the following 
                        pictures: 1) a picture directly overhead of the fish showing the entire fish on 
                        the board, 2) close-up directly over the head clearly showing it touching the 
                        front of the board, 3) close-up directly over the tail clearly showing the 
                        measurement, and 4) picture with the angler showing enough background to 
                        verify it was just caught at the location it was caught. Pictures taken at an 
                        angle will not be accepted.
                2) If the fish falls short of the scale on your bump board when using the 90 degree 
                    bend, then do the following:
                    a) Position the nose of the fish on the 10" line (or 15" or 20" line if the 10" line is 
                        not available) on your board so that its nose just barely touches the line. Fish 
                        fully covering the10" line or over the 10" line (or other lines if used) will be 
                        DQ'ed. Then position the tail for the shortest measurement. Take and submit 
                        the following pictures: 1) a picture directly overhead of the fish showing the 
                        entire fish on the board, 2) close-up directly over the head clearly showing it 
                        just touching the line used on the board, 3) close-up directly over the tail 
                        clearly showing the measurement, and 4) picture with the angler showing 
                        enough background to verify it was just caught at the location it was caught. 
                        Pictures taken at an angle will not be accepted.
                3) Fish will be measured up to the nearest 1/2" unlike the main event.
                4) Both the fish and the tail must be flat against the board (no object may be placed 
                    under any part of the fish except the bump board, tail cannot be bent or folded).
                5) Any fish without a full tail or with a deformed jaw will be DQ'ed. 
                6) The online leaderboard for the Smallest Walleye will be in reverse order with the 
                    leading fish (shortest fish) at the bottom just above any DQ'ed fish and fish that 
                    have been replaced with smaller fish and zeroed out.
                7) All fish that are under the legal size for the waterway being fished must be 
                    immediately released after entry.
        h. Anglers can place in more than one category, but can place only once in each 
            category. If an angler catches a larger fish by length in the same category, the lesser 
            of the two is verified but zeroed out.
        i. Tournament ends at 11:59pm on February 28th (29th during a leap year). 
        j. Hybrid species will be allowed and must be entered into the category the angler 
            wants it to be entered in.
        k. All fish must be entered into the correct species category otherwise it will be denied.
            (Splake can be entered into the Trout Division)
        l. Fish Donkey, the NYS Winter Classic, and all affiliates will not be liable for any 
            technical issues with regard to anglers' phones or any transmission issues including 
            but not limited to weak signals, loss of signal, etc.
9.   Length determines winner, in case of a tie the earliest entry takes the higher place.
10. Tournament recommends fishing with a witness in case of a dispute, but not required.
11.  In the event of a disqualification, all monies from the main event and any additional 
        awards will be reallocated and mailed out after all disqualifications have been verified, 
        reported, and all funds have been redeposited for distribution.
12. Any individual questioning an entry, will be required to submit a dispute form 
        and pay a $500 deposit for a lie detector test to be given. If the accused angler 
        fails the lie detector test, the $500 deposit is refunded, and the accused angler is
        placed on the blacklist of anglers who will not be allowed to enter any future event. 
        Otherwise the $500 will have been used to verify the catch.
13. Any angler dispute must be presented in writing to the tournament director before March 
14. All pictures and videos submitted to the tournament become the sole property of the 
        tournament and can be used in any way deemed appropriate by the Tournament 
15. These rules are in coordination and compliance with those stated within the Fish Donkey 
        App for the NYS Winter Classic Fishing Tournament.
16. All decisions by the Tournament Officials will be final.
17. All participants agree to enter at their own risk and with full knowledge of these rules 
        and agree to abide by them in their entirety, and likewise agree not to hold any entity in 
        association with the Winter Classic Tournament liable for any mishap or misfortune. 
18. Questions? Email: info@fksportfishing.com or call Tim Thomas at (585) 330-0494.