Updated on: 6/1/17
**Adjusted rule for attending awards ceremony**

All registrants are encouraged to print a copy of the rules and read them in their entirety. A printable copy of the most up-to-date rules/regs is accessible here:
1. Dates: June 17 - August 31
2. Tournament Registration Options: 
           Full General Tournament = $25/angler 
           General Tournament 1-Day Pass = $10/angler
           Lunker Pool (optional) = $10/angler
           Youth (16 and under) = $5/angler

**All anglers must register by 7am for that day’s catch to count**

3. Cash payout based on number of anglers entered (see payout grid on website for full details, prize levels, and       additional promotional awards). 
    a. Youth anglers may register in the general tournament.
    b. Youth awards are in the form of U.S. savings bonds (or Gift Certificates) and sponsored products.
        1. All savings bonds/gift certificates will be made out to the winning youth angler.
4. Additional prizes to be awarded (when available):
    a. Grand Prize: Random draw from all (10) 1st place winners drawn at the awards ceremony. (when available)
    b. Overall Prizes for largest fish caught on a specific product (picture or video may be required)(when 
    c. Monthly Prizes for overall largest fish entered each month during the event (when available).
    d. Weekly awards for the largest fish of each category (when available).
    e. Fish Mounts & additional cash awards at higher attendance levels.
    f. Product specific awards - requires either a picture or video clearly showing the product being used. 
        Picture/video must be submitted on the same day the fish is entered. (when available)
    g.  Kayak, Quad, Boat, and Tundra winners will be responsible for all fees, taxes, registration, delivery/pick-up, 
         any other associated expenses. In some cases cash supplements have been added to offset taxes.
5. Lunker Pool pays out 100% of money taken in, top (3) largest fish in all (10) categories place, (30 places total).
    a. Lunker Pool must be entered at time of Registration. 
6. No minimum or maximum age, all anglers are considered equal. (Youth event is 16 years and younger)
7. Fish from other derbies and tournaments can be entered into the Classic pending other Tournament’s rules and 
8. Ceremony & Awards Dinner: the first Sat in September following the conclusion of the Summer Classic Event at 
        5pm (location TBD) (only if 1,500 or more entries in main tournament).
    a. First, second & third place winners in the Tournament must be present at the awards ceremony with their fish
        by 3pm to be eligible to receive prize(s) and/or money above $499. If cash prize is below $500 the angler is 
        not required to attend. A Prime Rib dinner will be included for the winners attending tickets available 
        for $25/person). Other placements do not need to be present but are encouraged to attend (dinner fee of 
        $25/person applies).
    b. Top (3) placing fish in every category must be kept and brought to the awards ceremony for inspection, 
        verification, pictures, and possible mounting if winnings total $500 or more.
    c. Anglers do not have to be present to receive door prize (door prizes to be drawn using driver’s license number 
        or if not licensed, name & birth date). Prize will be shipped to address on file or delivered to weigh-in station 
        nearest angler's home address. Angler will be notified and have 30 days to pick up prize or it becomes 
        property of the weigh-in station.
9. Categories: 10 (Northern Pike, Walleye, Lake Trout, Pickerel, Largemouth/Smallmouth Bass, Catfish, Carp, 
        Crappie, Yellow Perch, and SunFish/BlueGill).
    a. Enter any fish caught in New York State, any place, on any waterway (open water, rivers, tributaries, etc.) by 
        legal angling method per NYS DEC regulations. Each fish entered must be registered by the angler who 
        caught the fish – no sharing between anglers. 
    b. Fish caught via bow fishing and snagged/foul-hooked fish are not eligible. Only fish caught via rod & reel are 
    b. Fish must be fresh - no cloudy eyes, slimy/discolored gills, etc.
    c. Fish must be free from foreign objects: lures, hooks, and anything in it's mouth (bait, minnows, weeds, etc.).
    d. Anglers can place in more than one category, but can place only once in each category.
    e. Fish must be weighed-in and entered on the day it was caught, unless caught between 4pm and 11:59pm with 
        no weigh-in station available.
       1.If caught between 4pm and 11:59pm, angler must take a photo at the time the fish is caught and 
            immediately send to headquarters via cell phone to (585) 330-0494 and include angler’s name, time and 
           location of catch, and approximate weight. The fish must then be weighed in the following morning.
       2.Angler must let the weigh-in know the fish was caught the previous evening to be paired with the photo     
           information sent.
    f. Minimum fish sizes for the Summer Classic are:
        Pike: 10.00 lbs
        Walleye: 4.00 lbs
        Lake Trout: 10.00 lbs
        Pickerel: 3.00 lbs
        Carp: 15.00 lbs
        Catfish: 8.00 lbs
        Crappie: 1.50 lbs
        Yellow Perch: 1.00 lbs
        Bass: 3.00 lbs
        Panfish: 0.50 lbs
        This is to prevent smaller fish from being kept and to ease tracking at tournament headquarters.
    g. All fish must be entered with a Driver’s license name & number (others & youth will use their name & birth 
    h. If a witness to catch was present, their name is to be entered along with the fish.
    i. Tournament ends at 11:59pm on August 31st. Angler and fish must be in weigh-in line at any weigh-in station 
        by 11:59pm, August 31st to be eligible.
    j. No use of gaffs on any fish.
10. Online registration opens March 26, weigh-in station registrations open May 1st. Any Early Bird promotions are 
        on a first come first served basis while supplies last. 
11. Fish must be entered at official NYS Summer Classic weigh-in stations - may vary from the Winter Classic 
        Tournament. Contact weigh-ins for hours of operation. A leaderboard of current winning fish will be posted 
        daily and updated multiple times per day when possible. For an up-to-date list of tackle shops & leading fish, 
        go to: http://www.nyssummerclassic.com
12. Weight determines winner, in case of a tie earliest entry takes the higher place unless entered at the same     
      time, then higher seed is determined by length.
13. Tournament recommends fishing with a witness in case of a dispute, but a witness is not required.
14. Any angler may be subject to lie detector testing. If angler fails test, all prizes and/or all money will be forfeited 
        and name submitted to the media and all other tournament directors.
15. Any individual questioning an entry will be required to submit a dispute form and pay a $500 deposit for 
        a polygraph test to be given. If the accused angler fails the polygraph test, the $500 deposit will be refunded.
16. Any angler dispute must be presented in writing to the tournament director prior to the start of the ceremony in 
17. Any cash and/or prize awarded in any combination with a retail value exceeding $250 may require a W-9 IRS 
        tax form to be filled out prior to release of the Prize/Award. 1099 forms will be issued for any cash prize or 
        award won exceeding $600 in value.
18. All pictures and videos submitted to and taken by the tournament become the sole property of the tournament 
        and can be used in any way deemed appropriate by the Tournament Officials.
19. All decisions by the Tournament Officials will be final.
20. All participants agree to enter at their own risk and with full knowledge and acceptance of these rules and agree 
        to abide by them in their entirety, and likewise agree not to hold any person or entity in association with the 
        Summer Classic Tournament liable for any mishap or misfortune. 
21. Questions? Email: info@fksportfishing.com or call Tournament Director Tim Thomas at (585) 330-0494.

NYS Summer Classic Tournament
Rules & Regulations