Simplified OPEN Division Rules:
Updated on: 1/30/17

All registrants are encouraged to print a copy of the rules and read them in their entirety. We will have copies at registration/check-in for each event. A printable copy of the most up-to-date rules/regs is accessible here:
 Any differences or changes will be disclosed at the captains' meeting prior to each Full IPA event and included in the information packs given out at check-in.
NYS I.P.A. Rules & Regulations
General Description:
A Series of big money/high stakes team events spread across the state of NY. Each team is required to be skilled at targeting multiple fish species using multiple tactics on different waterways. Each event is considered a separate event, however teams can go for the overall Triple Crown Title if they fish at least 3 team events in a given season (excluding the IPA Invitational).

Division Descriptions:
Pro-Am Team: Anglers competing by themselves or with a partner as a team, who are very competitive, are skilled at targeting multiple species, may have sponsors, and/or who want to compete for the largest prizes. Anglers DO NOT need to classified as “professional anglers” to compete.

Registration (Pro-Am Division):
1)Teams consist of one or two anglers. Registration is $100/team/location for Team-Only Events, and $100 if going for the Triple Crown Award. The Triple Crown Award is awarded to the top team from any three of the "Team" events combined, one of which must be the event held on Sodus Bay (to go for the Triple Crown Award you must enter and fish the Sodus Bay event). 

Each Event:
2)All anglers must check-in at the designated location (varies by location) and may not enter the ice unless staging for the shotgun start at approximately 5:00am.  

Triple Crown:
1) Registration is $100/team and places the team in the running to be deemed overall 2014 NYS Ice Pro-Am Series Champions. Registration in the Triple Crown must be completed at registration prior to fishing the team’s first Pro-Am team event of the year.

1.General Rules/Regulations: 
NOTE: Violations of ANY of these rules could result in disqualification for the tournament. All decisions made by the tournament officials will be deemed as final. Tournament officials reserve the right to disqualify any angler for any infraction, legal or otherwise.
1)1st Event: Chaumont Bay Team-Only Event, 2nd Event: Oneida Lake Team-Only IPA, 3rd Event: Sodus Bay Team-Only IPA. See website for check-in/registration location(s) and timeline.
2)All teams are encouraged to use aeration packs to assist in the catch and release (C&R) efforts. 
3)There will be no captains meeting prior to the Team-Only Events. All tournament information (ice precautions, rule changes, etc.) will be handed out at check-in.
4)Anglers may be entered into other derbies/tournaments while entered in this series. However, all fish must be weighed-in for the Pro-Am event first.
5)All fish must be fresh-caught using standard fishing tackle (line & hook) and hooked in the mouth (no snagged fish will be accepted) on the day of the tournament, during tournament hours. No frozen fish will be weighed or accepted for points. The use of aeration unit(s) are highly suggested. 
6)The use of quads/ATV's and/or snowmobiles is permitted unless one of the following occurs: 1) ice conditions prevent use of said vehicles, or 2) waterway restrictions/laws prevent use of said vehicles. If there is a restriction, it will be listed on the event's webpage on this site and also announced at the Captain's Meeting. All NYS rules and regulations regarding the use of said vehicles are the owner's responsibility. This tournament, its directors, its officials, its volunteers, and spectators assume neither responsibility nor liability for the use or actions of said vehicles.
7)The tournament officials reserve the right to inspect any participant and their gear (including, but not limited to their shanty and vehicle(s)), at any time for any reason. This includes during staging prior to the shotgun start each day and while fishing.
8)All fishing must be done on Chaumont Bay, Oneida Lake, and Sodus Bay (excluding their tributaries) respectively. Tributary boundaries will be disclosed at the captains’ meetings and/or check-in and outlined on the official tournament maps at check-in. 
9)All NYS DEC regulations apply. All anglers must possess a valid NYS fishing license. All local angling regulations for each waterway apply.
10)No vehicles (other than those which have their own insurance while on the ice) are allowed on the ice at any time from Friday at 4:00pm the day before the tournament through Sunday at the conclusion of the awards ceremony. 

2. Competition Parameters: 
1) The tournament’s intent is to fish one-day for Team-Only Events. Hours of competition are defined in Table A and shall apply to each day of each event unless altered by the tournament officials for inclement weather. 
NOTE: There will be no refunds. In the event that the tournament is cancelled due to inclement weather, unsafe ice conditions, or any other unforeseen circumstances, all entry fees for all divisions will be put in escrow and will be applied to the following year, for the same locations (or segments) of the Tournament Series. 

Table A – Team-Only Events
Leave starting point5:00 AM‡
Begin Fishing5:00AM
In Weigh-in line by2:00 PM (5:00 PM for Oneida Events)
‡ Time is Approximate
3. Tournament Limits:
1)All Pro-Am teams must enter and exit the ice from the assigned ice access location(s) ONLY (shotgun locations). Anyone leaving the ice at any location other than the designated access point will result in team disqualification from the tournament.
2)Teams may only fish the designated lake or waterway excluding its tributaries. 
3)It is the responsibility of the team to remain within the tournament boundaries at all times. Straying outside of the tournament boundaries at any time for any reason is prohibited. This includes crossing any coned-off area due to weak/unsafe ice as disclosed at the captains’ meeting and included in the information packets.
4)Team members must fish together. Members of the same team may be located at either end of their “spread” of gear, but may not fish in two separate locations.
5)No team may set gear within 30 feet (approximately 3 car-lengths) of another team’s gear. However, once a hole is left unattended for 5 minutes or more, it is fair game for any angler to occupy, provided that the hole is a minimum of 30 feet from any other gear. Please be courteous to other anglers!
6)There will be no staking out holes, areas, etc. prior to the shotgun start. All previous holes/areas/etc. are considered fair game for any angler at the start of each day of each tournament event. The use of sticks or any other objects to stake-out holes are prohibited to prevent injury to those using motorized transport. GPS units are suggested for finding previously fished holes and areas.
4. Team Structure (Pro-Am Division): 
1)Teams can be comprised of one or two anglers in the Pro-Am Division. Teams will be allowed to use the state regulated number of tip-ups and jigging rods – currently 7 total lines per person.
2)No team may accept fish from any other team (no combining of fish) nor from anyone not entered in the tournament series. All fish being weighed in must have been caught using proper, legal angling methods (hook and line only) by the members of the Pro-Am team. No gaffs will be allowed
6. Weigh-In:
1)Upon returning to the ice access point, all fish must be weighed-in BEFORE your team leaves the ice. One weigh-in center will be set-up on the ice to allow for releasing fish (if possible). At least one member of each team must be in line with their fish for weigh-in no later than 2:00 PM.
2)When multiple scales are used, there may be slight differences in the scales and this will be considered “luck of the draw” when you choose where to weigh-in your fish. The scales will be randomly assigned at each event.
3)Teams are required to bring only the fish being weighed-in for the tournament, no more than allowed - See Below. Any additional fish brought to the weigh-in will result in a 10-point deduction per additional fish off that day's score.
Fish Required For a Full Box For Teams at the Chaumont Bay Team-Only Event: 
The Largest 3 Walleye (5 pts each plus 1 pt per pound) and
The Largest Northern Pike (5 pts plus 1 pt per pound) and
The Largest Pickerel (5 pts plus 1 pt per pound) and
The Largest 12 Yellow Perch (1 pt each plus 1 pt per pound).

Fish Required For a Full Box For Teams at the Oneida Lake Team-Only Event: 
The Largest 3 Walleye (5 pts each plus 1 pt per pound) and
The Largest 15 Yellow Perch (1 pt each plus 1 pt per pound).

Fish Required For a Full Box For Teams at the Sodus Bay Team-Only Event: 
The Largest 3 Pike (10 pts ea plus 1 pt per pound) and
The Largest 12 Yellow Perch (1 pt each plus 1 pt per pound) and
The Largest 12 Panfish (1 pt each plus 1 pt per pound).

7. Scoring:
Note: Teams may cull fish throughout the day, however each team may only keep the state limits of each species. Run-in minimums must be adhered to.

Team-Only Events:
The total score (as outlined above) will determine the winner and subsequent placements.
Triple Crown: 
Each Team entered into the Triple Crown Challenge will be issued a score based upon their overall rank in each of the Pro-Am Events according to the following scale:
1...100 pts
2... 98
3... 96
4... 94
 | 
50... 2
All subsequent places will be awarded 2 points.
Teams that actively fish all four events will be awarded 5 extra points at the conclusion of 
the fourth event.
All Triple Crown teams must fish the Sodus Event.
Each team will have their top 3 scores from all the events they fished within a current series added together for a total score. The team with the highest total score will be awarded the Triple Crown Award.
In the event of a tie, the team with the overall largest fish from the series will take the title. If still in a tie, the team with the largest Pike (followed by Walleye, then Perch if still tied) from the series will be deemed the winner.
The Triple Crown Prize Package will include the Series Cup Trophy, non-monetary prizes from sponsors, and a cash check (all subject to change yearly based on participation and availability).

8. Prizes: 
1. For up to 50 teams the Top 3 will place. For 51-100 teams the Top 5 will place. Actual payouts will vary by location and team participation:
Example: (100 Teams)Example: (51 Teams)Example: (30 Teams)
1st Place = $3,5001st Place: $1,5001st Place: $1,200
2nd Place = $2,0002nd Place: $1,0002nd Place: $750
3rd Place = $10003rd Place: $7503rd Place: $300
4th Place = $6004th Place: $300
5th Place = $4005th Place: $200
3. Legalities:
a. All participants who receive prize packages, cash, and/or door prizes with a value in access of $250 will be required to fill-out the proper and necessary 1099 tax forms/information prior to acquiring their prize, cash, or door prize. Failure to provide the necessary information will forfeit your prize. If the total of all your winnings from all IPA sponsored events does not exceed $599, the 1099 will not be submitted to the IRS.

9. Fish Regulations for All Teams/Anglers: 
Minimum size for Northern Pike is 22 inches. 
Minimum size for Pickerel is 18 inches.
Minimum size for Walleye is 18 inches (except for Oneida Event = 15 inches).
Minimum size for Yellow Perch is 8 inches.
Minimum size for all Sunfish & Bluegill is 5 inches
Minimum size for Crappie is 10 inches.
Minimum size for Rock Bass is 5 inches.
Certified measuring boards will be used at the weigh-in site. These boards will be the Official measuring boards of the tournament and will determine whether or not a fish is legal for the tournament. In the event that an illegal fish comes in, by Tournament Rules or New York State regulations, the team will be deducted points as outlined below. 
If any fish submitted for weigh in is found to be smaller than the minimum size established by the tournament, the undersized fish will be disallowed. In addition, 10 points will be deducted from the team’s daily score. However, in no case, will a team’s score be made less than zero. 
All fish shall remain the property of the tournament once weighed in. 
All fish may be tested for legality and will be checked for slimy gills, cloudy eyes, flesh response, and/or any other means to determine freshness of the fish. 
Disposition of fish must be in compliance with state and local laws. NO DUMPING OF YOUR FISH IS ALLOWED.
Any team submitting a fish for weigh in found to be smaller than the minimum size established by New York State law will have their entire catch disqualified for that day and the DEC will be notified. 
10. Inclement Weather & Unsafe Ice:
1)In the event of inclement weather and/or unsafe ice conditions, the tournament director will make any and all decisions on postponements of the shotgun start, cancellation of any C&R option, postponement of the tournament to an alternative date (if applicable), and/or overall cancellation of the event.
2)If inclement weather is forecast, a shortened fishing period may be issued, with a 3-hr minimum. 
3)In some cases of ice variability, the tournament event may proceed with limited boundaries on the waterway (i.e. south end of Sodus Bay from Bay Bridge to Grassy Point, where the northern boundary will be marked with orange safety cones) or restrictions (walking only). If applicable, these will be disclosed at check-in with waterway maps issued to all participants and all details disclosed.
4)Weather/ice conditions deemed unsafe may include (but are not limited to):
oWinds in excess of 40 mph
oWhite-out conditions where visibilities are less than 1/8 mile and/or snowfall rates in excess of 2” per hour
oThunder snowstorms/rainstorms
oBlizzard, Ice Storm, or High Wind Warnings issued by the NWS
oThin (less than 4” thickness) or unsafe ice conditions (variable ice thickness to below 4” threshold, warm weather/rain/etc. that could weaken ice to less than the 4” threshold during an event, or any other circumstance that may deem the ice to be unsafe).
oLack of fishable ice (i.e. not enough safe ice to safely accommodate all anglers).
*NOTE: We have two meteorologists on staff to govern weather and ice conditions and forecasts. Forecasts will be given on the tournament website starting 7 days prior to each event.
*NOTE: Despite general safe ice conditions, there will always be areas of weaker ice (near bubblers, creek/stream inlets, near shore, etc.). Please exercise caution in the known areas! You accept all risks when fishing this event.
*NOTE: ATV’s/4-Wheelers/3-Wheelers/Snowmobiles/Sleds and any other motorized transport are not mandatory nor deemed necessary for any event in this series. Therefore if your team chooses to use said transportation, your team assumes all responsibility thereto, and agree not to hold the tournament, its directors, nor any other tournament entity or participant liable if it goes through the ice.
11. Protests, Rulings and Litigations:
1)Any contestant or observer witnessing a violation of the rules is required to IMMEDIATELY report the alleged violation to a Tournament Official or Tournament Control.
2)Any suspected violations will be turned over to the Tournament Committee for review. This committee will report all information to the Tournament Director and the Director will attempt to facilitate a resolution of the issue before an Official Protest is filed. 
3)Any team has the right to file an Official Protest by completing and signing the Official Protest Form provided by the tournament. This form must be presented to the Tournament Director along with $500 cash Protest Deposit within 30 minutes of the conclusion of the Director’s review of the case. Upon receiving an Official Protest Form and Protest Deposit, the Tournament Director will present the team being protested with the alleged protest charges and will require a polygraph test be administered to one of team members chosen by the tournament director. Failure to comply with taking the polygraph test will deem the team disqualified and any prizes in contention will be reallocated. If the team fails the polygraph test, the $500 deposit will be returned.
4)The tournament scores of protested teams will not be considered official until a complete investigation (polygraph) is finalized. Any prizes won by a protested team will also be withheld until the investigation is complete. 
5)Polygraph and/or voice stress tests may be issued to any team in contention for prizes, associated with any protest, or at the discretion of the Tournament Director, and may be given up to a year after the conclusion of the Series in question.
6)Failure of any team to cooperate fully with the Competition Committee or Tournament Director will result in immediate disqualification. 
12. Inspections: 
1) All teams must, at any time, allow Tournament Officials to inspect their gear for inspection (including, but not limited to, shanties, ATV’s, snowmobiles, three wheelers, containers, coolers, and any other gear brought onto the ice). Failure to comply with an Official’s request for inspection will result in immediate disqualification.
13. Misconduct: 
1) Any inappropriate, improper or abusive conduct by any participant towards any Tournament Official, volunteer, observer or fellow participant shall be deemed a violation of the rules and may subject the violator to penalties or disqualification as determined by the Tournament Directors. Any person or team that has been disqualified by any tournament or derby for an overt act to deceive or defraud may be barred from entry into any future tournament with any registration fees already paid forfeited.
2) Fraud in a tournament of this magnitude is a felony. Any participant suspected of fraud may be issued a lie detector test or voice stress test. If found guilty, will be barred from all future participation in the series, their names forwarded on to all other tournament directors, and, if in contention for any prizes, will forfeit any prizes.
14. Liability: 
1) Every reasonable precaution will be taken by the Tournament Committee to protect persons and property during the contest. However, the Committee, its judges, sponsors, officers, directors or employees of the same will not be held responsible for the safety of persons or property participating in the tournament. All participants further understand and agree to hold harmless members of the aforementioned groups from any liability or claim of damages. Furthermore, the aforementioned groups assume no responsibility for gear left unattended. 
2) All tournament vehicles will carry liability insurance. 
3) Each contestant will be required to sign a liability disclaimer before entering the ice. Leaving the departure point or entering the ice without turning in the signed disclaimer form could result in immediate disqualification for that day.
NOTE: All entrants agree that their purchase of a registration in any of these events shall constitute an acknowledgement of these rules and they further acknowledge that they understand their obligations and responsibilities outlined within and they agree to abide by these rules and the decisions of the Tournament Officials.
NOTE: Violations of ANY of these rules could result in disqualification for the tournament.
NOTE: Any misconduct by any angler towards any tournament or NYS official could result in disqualification.

NOTE: All decisions made by the tournament officials are considered FINAL.

Additional tournament information and updates can be found at: