2018 Events News Feed:

In an effort to develop the statewide NYS Winter Classic Tournament, the IPA Series has been put on hold at this time.
This means there will not be any scheduled events at this time for the 2018 season, however we are planning a couple 
special events including the IPA Invitational scheduled for March 10th & 11th (others TBD). 

Stay tuned for further updates!

NYS Ice Pro-Am Tournament Series
Professionally organized and directed by anglers, for anglers!
Series Sponsors:
"We have jumped through some major hoops just to be able to fish it because it was that awesome!!! You will not fish a better run tournament and meet nicer people than these guys!!!"
- Team "Brotherdads"
"The work that Tim and Jeff put into this event is outstanding and I would fish any tourny they run in the future."
- Team "Schmitty's Shanty"
2018 Tournament Events:
"Thank you Tim for hosting another great event, its always a pleasure being in one of your well run events. It was great to see everyone and making new friends. This was my 3rd Pro Am Tournament,  look forward to many more."
- Team "Eat Me"
"This tournament series is hands down the best I've ever fished soft or hard water!"
- Team "Mitchell's Bait & Tackle"
March 10
Team Invitational
Big Fish Sat
March 11
Team Invitational