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2016 Events News Feed:

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2/10/16: The NYS Ice Pro-Am Team event planned for Saturday is a "GO" as a walking only event. Due to the continued open water near and around the point at Apps, plus very questionable ice conditions elsewhere around the lake, we will not be allowing any motorized transport. We will also be using a trickle start for the shotgun lining all teams up on land and then training out onto the ice. Once on the main lake ice, teams may split to go where they want. Order in the starting line-up will be determined on a first come/first registered basis, so pre-registration is encouraged off of the website: HERE

Since this will be a walking event, there will be no running in fish to weigh-in on the ice, all anglers are to cull their fish throughout the day and bring their catch to the final weigh-in starting at 2pm (all teams must be in line by 3pm) at Apps. Fish still need to be fresh and non-frozen, so the use of coolers is highly recommended. Any questions, please feel free to contact us!

2/8/16: There is plenty of ice (4-10+" off of Apps currently) for a walking event, however due to the variability of the ice we will hold off on allowing motorized transport at this time. With the cold temps forecast this week, we may allow machines and that announcement will be made Thu or Fri - stay tuned!!

2/4/16: We are watching the ice situation on Oneida lake closely as we head into next week leading up to the team event next weekend. Stay tuned for updates and announcements as we get closer!

2/1/16: The Chaumont Bay Team Event once again provided some monster fish brought in by the anglers!! 16 teams competed in the event including our 8 Triple Crown teams. Team Farmers took home first place with a total point score of 85.88. Grumpy Old Men took 2nd place with 78.08, and 3rd was taken by Gaff Lunkage with 62.74 points. The largest fish weighed-in was a whopping 14.24 lb walleye caught by Cat on Team Gaff Lunkage! Also, while not in the event, my assistant for the day AJ Fordham caught a beautiful 1.59 lb crappie at the weigh-in hub!! Full results can be found on the website, including the updated Triple Crown standings.

The next IPA event is the Onedia Lake Team event scheduled for Feb. 13th. Stay tuned to updates as the date gets closer, let's hope the ice stays in tact until then!

Chaumont Bay Team-Only Event Update:

Anglers are gearing up the Chaumont Bay Team event this weekend! Since we have received multiple reports of sketchy ice at the State Boat Launch, we will be moving the check-in/registration and shotgun start to the beach access point. When coming out of town heading towards the state boat launch, take the first left after the bridge before the state boat launch rd. The beach access is at the end on the left. We will try to have IPA Event signs posted to help guide anglers. We are also posting the registration and check-in forms online so anglers can print them off and have them filled out ahead of time to streamline the check-in process. You can also register and pay online via PayPal to make check-in even quicker - just visit the website www.NYSiceproam.com and click on "registration". At this time we are going to allow motorized transport for this event - based on ice thickness and number of teams participating, we may implement a staggered start and have multiple rows of teams spaced out with the earliest teams getting the front row positions. Keep this in mind when planning your arrival time!

To get everyone pumped for the event, check out last year's shotgun start: 
Shotgun Start

This is the last chance to get in on the Triple Crown Series Title ($100 entry) and go for the overall Series Title and coveted Cup Trophy!


We are keeping close tabs on the ice situation on Chaumont for the upcoming Team-Only event this Sat. Stay tuned as we get closer to the event. Currently 10 teams pre-registered. Teams can sign-up online, at Chaumont Hardware, or Sat morning at the boat launch. Last year this was our largest event with over 30 teams, and several of the winning fish for the NYS Winter Classic were caught there. We highly suggest all anglers sign-up for the Winter Classic prior to this event!

The first IPA Team event is in the books and Team Brotherdads came out on top and now leads the quest for the Triple Crown Cup Series Title!! Congrats fellas!! Full results for the Honeoye Team event can be found HERE.

My assistant Rich Wood, while not in the tournament, iced a possible Honeoye Lake record pike as his first fish ice fishing! 20.34 lbs and 40.25". This one will be heading to Clingerman's Taxidermy on Monday!

The next event in the Series is next Sat, Jan. 30th on Chaumont Bay. This was the Series' biggest event last year and we are looking forward to another great event!! Several media personnel and the owner of Automatic Fisherman Kerry Paulson will be there to experience all the excitement our team events have to offer!! If you plan on fishing the event, please pre-register online or at Chaumont Hardware this week to help expedite the check-in process Sat morning!!

Honeoye Lake Team-Only Event Update:

Today I was able to stop down to the launch on Honeoye Lake for an ice check. There is currently 4-5" in front and south of the launch, thinning as you go north. So we are officially a "GO" for this Saturday's event. There will be a northern boundary (determined after another ice check on Friday evening) most likely from the 1st or 2nd point on the east side just north of the launch straight across the lake. We will have cones placed to denote this boundary. Tournament minimum ice thickness is deemed 4", so we will push the boundary as far north as the 4" thickness goes.

With this being said, anglers must still exercise extreme caution and are encouraged to use spud bars and keep all safety gear accessible and in place for places where ice may be thinner due to unforeseen circumstances.

We will have a weigh-in on the ice in front of the launch for anglers who would like to run their fish in for weigh in, but since this is a walking event C&R is not required, except for any tagged fish - a local college has tagged fish for a study, so if any angler catches a tagged fish it is to be run in when caught so it can be recorded and released.

A couple changes:
1) All teams must be to weigh-in by 3:00 pm.
2) Fish for the event:
-(3) Largest Walleye (10 pts each plus 1 pt per lb)
-(1) Largest Pike (10 pts plus 1 pt per lb)
-(1) Largest Pickerel (10 pts plus 1 pt per lb)
-(12) Largest Panfish (1 pt each plus 1 pt per lb)
(panfish include: bluegill, sunfish, crappie, & yellow perch)

FYI - Dave's Auto Repair (on the left just after turning off Route 20A onto East Lake Rd) now has bait (large shiners, emeralds, waxies, spikes, etc.) and will also be a weigh-in for the Winter Classic (after Sat). The weigh-in for the team event will also be a mobile weigh-in for the Winter Classic, so all anglers are encouraged to get into the NYS Winter Classic Tournament prior to this event!! www.NYSwinterclassic.com

Check-in and registration will run from 3am-7am, the shotgun start will occur at approximately 5am, so please get there early so we can get all teams ready and checked by 5am. If anyone has any questions, please contact Tim Thomas at: (585) 330-0494

1/17/16:                                                              Honeoye Lake Team Only Event Update

At this point the Honeoye Team-Only Event planned for this coming Saturday is still on. Unless things change we are a "GO" for a WALKING ONLY event. No motorized transport will be allowed. All other rules hold in place and the shotgun start will still be at approximately 5am. The event will be held out of the State Boat Launch on the southeast side of the lake. There is a fee to park there, so plan accordingly. Since there will be no motorized transport, anglers will not have to run any fish in to weigh-in - all fish can be kept until weigh-in at the end of the day. If  your team is going for the Series Triple Crown Title, the $100 entry fee will be collected at check-in. We will also run a $20/team lunker pool with 100% payback. Please contact Director Tim Thomas with any questions: (585) 330-0494

12-26-15: Looks like starting Thursday next week we will finally see some lasting cold air. Let's hope it locks things up and stays for awhile!! We will be making the call for the Chaumont Bay Team Only event and Sodus Bay Full IPA at the end of next week.
The Invitational Event will be moving back a day to the Sunday 13th due to a scheduling conflict with Jack's. If those attending are interested, we could do a Get Together/Big Fish Saturday event off of Maiden Lane. Drop us a line to let us know if you're interested!

12-22-15: While the long-range forecasts do not look favorable for ice for our first two events, we will make a call to postpone the events if necessary around January 1st. Stay posted for updates and announcements!

This year's events will once again be headlined by Frabill and Plano. We can't thank them enough for the continued support and generous sponsorship! We will be featuring the new line of shanties with 30% lighter and 30% stronger bracing, along with the new Bunker Hub Shelters with increased fishing area. Automatic Fisherman has once again come through with bases and kits to give away at all our events as many tournament anglers have switched over to these very effective units! New this year is Kentucky Enterprises with their Dry Hands Minnow Bucket and Minnow Hooker - The only DISPENSING MINNOW BUCKET in the world DELIVERS ONE minnow at a time into the palm of your hand. 100% american Made in central Kentucky, FIND OUT MORE @ www.dryhandsminnowbucket.com  Also new this year, Deep Freeze has supplied us with their Blue Tipz indicators that signal when your tip-up or Automatic Fisherman has been triggered. Aqua-Vu is back again this year with several Micro Plus DVR units to give away - as the leader in underwater camera systems, the Micro systems are simply awesome and super convenient! Makiplastic offered a monetary sponsorship this year to help offset the costs of running these events - very much appreciated!! HT Enterprises is back on board this year with a substantial sponsorship of gear including Insta-Shacks, tip-ups, combos, and more!! Field & Stream of Henrietta will be attending the Sodus Bay Full IPA event registration on friday to spool any reels anglers would like done with their choice of line (several poundages to choose from). Cold Snap came through this year with some auger covers, reel wraps, and rod clamps. Artwork by Steve Nielson is being featured in our statewide Winter Classic Event this year. Bite Buddy is a new sponsor this year and has supplied several of their signaling units to give away at our events. Bass Pro Shops of auburn has again supplied products for the Raffles to be given away at the Sodus Event - this year the Open Water Package features an A10 Kayak while the Ice Fishing Package features a Frabill Aegis Shanty. Addya is back again this year with gift certificates for our events, we will have Michigan Stinger ice spoons again, Catch 'Em All Custom Jigs is sending us an assortment for the captains packs and other prize packages, we have several Hardwater Custom rods to give away, we have an assortment of Polar Boxes to give out, Jammin' Jigs came through with a huge selection of jigs again this year and will be featured in all of our prize packages, Bob Light sponsored us with another set of lights for our prize packages, and Ice Strong titanium bobbers joined our line-up with some of their bobbers to add to our prize packages! WOW, what a list of sponsors lined up this year!! A few more may still be in the works - stay tuned!!

12-8-15: The preliminary prize structure for the Sodus Bay Full IPA event and the door prizes for the Team-Only events are now posted. The prize structure for Sodus is simply awesome with shanties included for all 1st-3rd places in all categories in the Open Division! The Team event will be mainly cash-based as requested by our anglers from last year - this will be determined by the number of anglers we have in the event. So those looking to fish the Sodus Event, if you want to go for cash - fish the Team Event ($160/team of 2 anglers), if you want to go for the prize packages (gear) - fish the Open Division event ($30/angler). The Lunker Pool will again be split into two pools (Teams and Open) with Top 3 Pike placing and Top 3 Panfish placing. We have also packed around 100 door prizes into the event so most anglers will be walking away with something! 

Don't forget to register for the NYS Winter Classic Tournament as our IPA events will also feature Winter Classic mobile weigh-in locations - so all fish can be weighed in for both! The Winter Classic will feature the largest prize pool of any tournament in the state and it's only $25/angler to get in!!

10-1-15: Tonight we drew from the Early Bird team registration entries for the Aqua-Vu Micro Plus DVR system, and the winning team is.... 
Team Fish Raper! 

Congrats Devin & Neil! We'll get in touch with you and make arrangements to get it to you before the season starts! Regular registration will continue up until each event!

8/30/15: Registration is now OPEN for the team tournament events, as well as the NYS Winter Classic statewide tournament event!! Get in on the Early Bird Entry before Oct. 1st for chances to win some great gear before the season starts!​

6/22/15: The 2016 tournament dates and locations are now posted above - mark your calendars and reserve the dates now! Take note that Full IPA Event on Sodus Bay has been moved to January 16 & 17 with back-up dates of Feb. 20 & 21. If the back-up dates are used, the Team-Only Chautauqua Lake Event will be cancelled. Rules and Regs files for each event will be posted soon. There will be no major changes to the rule sets - the new NYS 7 lines/person rule will apply. 
"We have jumped through some major hoops just to be able to fish it because it was that awesome!!! You will not fish a better run tournament and meet nicer people than these guys!!!"
- Team "Brotherdads"
"The work that Tim and Jeff put into this event is outstanding and I would fish any tourny they run in the future."
- Team "Schmitty's Shanty"
January 30
Team Only Event
Chaumont Bay
Tentative 2016 Tournament Events:
"Thank you Tim for hosting another great event, its always a pleasure being in one of your well run events. It was great to see everyone and making new friends. This was my 3rd Pro Am Tournament,  look forward to many more."
- Team "Eat Me"
"This tournament series is hands down the best I've ever fished soft or hard water!"
- Team "Mitchell's Bait & Tackle"
February 13
Team Only Event
Oneida Lake
January 23
Team Only Event
Honeoye Lake
February 20 & 21
Full IPA Event
Sodus Bay
March 13
Team Invitational
February 20
Team Only Event
Chautauqua Lake