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February 19th, 2017
Oneida Lake - Team Only
Targeted Fish for each team:
The Largest 3 Walleye and
The Largest 15 Yellow Perch
Power Auger or Shanty for Largest White Perch

Event Format: 
This is a limit-culling event. Each team may let their fish go when caught. Any fish kept must not be released and must be added to the team's daily limit. Required fish from the team's limit will be used for points. 
Example: If you catch a 4 lb walleye, you must decide if you want to keep that walleye as part of your daily limit (6 for two anglers) or let it go in hopes to land a larger one. You may not keep it and let it go later when you land a larger one. Once your team has 6 legal walleyes you plan to keep, you may not keep any additional walleye or cull any of the 6 you have already decided to keep. Your largest 3 will be used for the tournament points.  
**All walleye must be alive for weigh-in, no dead or frozen walleye will be accepted at weigh-in. The use of coolers and aerators are highly suggested,**
Door Prizes: